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Common Questions

Will you fix the little holes and dents?

Yes, carrying out drywall repairs is a standard part of our procedures to ensure the end result looks fantastic!

How long will it take?

Every project is different which means every project takes a
different amount of time, once we have had an opportunity to go over your project in detail and provide you with a quote we include an approximate timeframe for you to factor into your decision making process.

Will you use a paint sprayer?

That all depends on the project, for most interior projects we apply the paints via brush and rollers, whereas we regularly use our sprayers for exterior projects.

Do I need to move my belongings?

Generally yes, we ask that prior to our arrival you move as many of your items as possible to either the centre of the room or into a different room entirely. We are happy to help move larger items such as furniture, but prefer to not move smaller items that are easily broken or lost.

Can you help us choose colours?

We are always happy to provide our opinion and feedback about colour selection, we do however make it clear that the final decision is yours as colour choice is an opinion meaning that what we think looks great, may not be for you.

Do I need to cover up my belongings?

No, but we welcome you to cover items up for peace of mind. We are extremely careful and use drop sheets and masking products to ensure that none of your belongings, furniture or floors are exposed to any unwanted paint splatter or overspray.

Are you Licensed and Insured?

Yes! We pride ourselves in being a professional painting outfit, this means that we maintain our business licences, insurances and all other necessary processes to ensure that we are running a safe and smooth functioning business.