Our Story

Providing the Comox Valley Professional & Reliable Painting Services

Painting is what we do. Is it what I thought I’d (Jason: Owner and Operator) do when I was a kid growing up? No. I, like many other kids, wanted to be a Fireman! But over the years I found a love for painting and that I had some talent within the trade. This allowed me to expand and create a skill set that has created the opportunity to create change in what is often a wasteful and underserved trade.

My personal painting experience started at a young age as my dad was a painter and decorator in the UK, meaning that I would help from time to time and got to experience it first hand.


After that I seemed to keep getting drawn back into minor projects in Australia and New Zealand before going full time in Vernon, BC, Canada where I refined my skills under the guidance of an extremely well versed painter.

Early in the pandemic was when my partner and I decided to move back to Squamish and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to create and provide Reliable, Professional Painting Services right here in the Comox Valley.

What we aim to achieve every single day, is to provide you with a service that perfectly fits your needs and along the way, to do our part in reducing our environmental impact.

Further to this, we want to continue supporting our community through supporting local business, getting involved with local events and most importantly, continuing to provide and create enjoyable, sustainable employment opportunities throughout the Comox Valley.

Our Vision is to help eliminate unethical practices in the trades, particularly wastefulness, annual construction waste is expected to reach 2.2 billion tons globally by 2025 and unreliability (We’ve all heard stories of Cowboy Contractors).

We’re here to help lead the way and show the benefits of Transparency, Honesty, Professionalism and Continuous Growth both as individuals and as a professional entity.

We try to keep these simple and easy to implement:

  • Provide Professional, Reliable and Sustainable Services throughout the Comox Valley.
  • Support our community, Protect the Environment. Then watch both flourish.
  • Create Fair, Enjoyable, Safe employment opportunities and working environments that promote a happy healthy lifestyle.
  • We approach all aspects of our business (from hiring to providing quotes) with Transparency and Honesty. This is key to achieving and continuing our other Values.

Quality first

Why choose us

Our goal is to leave every client happy. The team at Crux Painters consists of the people that you’d expect to find in the Comox Valley, adventure lovers that were drawn here by the incredible landscape and the amazing community of like minded people that have chosen to call this place home.

The Right people, the Right equipment and the Right approach for your project.

With these 3 aspects involved in every project, we have the perfect recipe for success.

Access to the highest quality Paints and Stains, in every colour imaginable

Only using the highest quality products that we have personally tried and tested allows us to make informed decisions on what coatings are best suited to the task at hand.

Quote & Consultations

Before committing to any project we invite you to break down and question our detailed quotes or estimates, Transparency is one of our Values and in our experience it aids in creating a smooth and trustworthy professional relationship.